Support & Education for Nannies & Extended Family

Do you find that you come home to find that your nanny/caregiver is totally frustrated with constant power struggles and meltdowns?

Is the nanny/caregiver giving in to your child’s every demand to avoid conflict rather than using strategies to help teach important life skills?

Are you having trouble keeping a caregiver as they cannot handle the everyday struggles of dealing with a child with ADHD?

Nannies and extended family have a very important role in the development of a child with ADHD. Unfortunately, they cannot possibly be expected to understand the intricacies of the ADHD mind.

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You know how important consistency is with your children; allow me to work together with you and your caregiver to develop simple strategies that are manageable for everybody. This will alleviate some of the problems and promote growth and better life skills for your entire family.

Parents of Children with ADHD

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Adolescents and Young Adults with ADHD

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IEP and Assessment Review

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